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Sherry Bonner grew up with and has always loved and cared for all kinds of pets.  In college, a roommate’s Doberman Pinscher, Sir Damien Von Rommel War King III (yes, he was a big boy!) became Sherry’s defacto pet when she was the one who ended up feeding and walking him everyday.  After college, her five cats earned her the nickname “cat Mamma.”

Fast forward to 2004 when she had the Eureka! notion to channel that passion into a new business.  She asked her own pet sitter about the idea and what was involved. Providentially, that sitter was retiring and moving out of state. She asked Sherry to please take care of her customers.

Sherry is also a lifelong entrepreneur.  With Pet Partners, she feels she has come full circle and landed just where she wants to be – she loves the pets as her own, enjoys the exercise and being outdoors, and appreciates her clients who share her passion for excellent pet care.

She is certified in pet first aid by the American Red Cross, has an interest in pet nutrition, has fostered for the Montgomery County Humane Society, and keeps up-to-date on dog training and behavior.  She has a Political Science degree from George Washington University.  She speaks German, canine, and some feline (so many dialects!).

Currently, Sherry shares her home with these 4 pets of her own:

happy animals

Sherry and her Pet Partners’ walkers are more than partners.  They really are my Irish Setter’s friends.  He looks forward to his strolls and from the time he was a pup,  Sherry and her walkers have been true partners with me in raising Joe to be a friendly and well-mannered (not genteel, after all he is Irish) dog.


I can relax when my dog is being cared for by Pet Partners. I know that he is in a safe, fun and stimulating environment where he receives love and good care.