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Meet the Humans

For the first few years, Sherry did all of the dog walking herself. A sprained ankle convinced her that she and her clients were better served by her having some help. So, one by one she put together a select group of dog walkers over the years. These dedicated employees are conscientious, big-hearted, and brave all kinds of weather!


As you will see when you read their profiles below, they hail from different backgrounds and bring a myriad of personalities and talents to the job, but all share a deep respect and love for dogs.

Pet sitting is still personally taken care of by Sherry, and services provided from her home involve help from her family: Tod, her husband, and Elisabeth, her daughter. Elisabeth also helps with some pet sits, directing the laser pointer or playing with kittens while Sherry takes care of the chores.


I am a California native who moved to Maryland in November 2010. I joined PetPartners because I know families consider their dogs to be members of the family, as I do. I have two five year old dachshunds named Frankie and Oscar.

I love the fresh air and exercise that comes with the job for both the dog and me. But more importantly, I want to contribute to the overall well being of each dog. I always try to sneak in a few scratches behind the ears at the end of my visits.

I also work full time as a manager for a marketing firm.


Hi, my name is Elisabeth.  I’m 14 and I’m Sherry’s daughter.  Ever since my mom started this business 7 years ago, I have helped with  dog walks and pet sits. I know a lot of the dogs and cats just as well as she does now.  I currently have 3 dogs and 2 cats and have lived with animals, including chinchillas and other rodents, my whole life.  This has taught me how to respect them. When dogs board at our house, I pitch in to help walk and play.


Sherry and Pet Partners have been a part of our family since our move to Maryland 10 years ago. I am now retired from a career as a machinist in Minnesota and more recently as a school secretary here. But I will never retire from my life with dogs which began 40 years ago when I met my husband. Since then dogs, and before that, cats – have always been a part of our family. In addition to raising our son, Mitch, who is now 25, and hiking as often as possible, my husband and I have always found time to enjoy our dogs. I have trained puppies from the day they came to live with us and nursed dogs in their last days. We currently have two dogs, Sampson and Zadie.

Coming to work for Pet Partners has rewarded me with the chance to help other dog families have happier, healthier lives – and me, too for that matter.


I am a stay-at-home mom with a prior life as an Army Nurse. I have enjoyed five years of volunteering at hospitals and schools with my retired service dog, a golden retriever named Magee. Magee gave confidence to 3rd-graders who were struggling with learning and participated in therapy for young veterans recovering from devastating injuries. I have also volunteered with the Washington Animal Rescue as a dog walker and for foster care. At WARL, my 13-year old daughter often assists me. At home, my husband and my 10-year-old daughter are also pitching in to raise and train a sweet black lab puppy named Ambi for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. That’s Ambi and Magee in the photo with me.

Being a dog walker for Pet Partners has been a great way to combine my love of  dogs with fresh air and exercise! I love getting to know and understand the personalities of each dog and look forward to seeing them.


Tod is Sherry’s husband and “silent” partner in Pet Partners.  All the dogs who come to visit help Tod keep up his exercise program of two vigorous walks a day!  He loves dogs and his patience knows no bounds.  The Bed & Biscuit and Stay & Play would be impossible without his blessing, help and support.  He telecommutes most days, and works quietly in his office on his computer.  Some of our visiting dogs prefer to hang out with him there.  When not walking dogs or working, Tod is often found at ice rinks.  He plays in a recreational ice hockey league, takes classes and loves to ice skate to improve his game.

happy animals

Sherry and her Pet Partners’ walkers are more than partners.  They really are my Irish Setter’s friends.  He looks forward to his strolls and from the time he was a pup,  Sherry and her walkers have been true partners with me in raising Joe to be a friendly and well-mannered (not genteel, after all he is Irish) dog.


I can relax when my dog is being cared for by Pet Partners. I know that he is in a safe, fun and stimulating environment where he receives love and good care.