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Meet the Humans

Pet Partners’ services are personally taken care of by Sherry, and, in an emergency, help is provided from her family: Tod, her husband, and Elisabeth, her adult daughter. See more about them below.


Sherry’s daughter was 7 when Pet Partners was created in 2004, so in addition to our family’s menagerie (cats, dogs, guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils and fish), she has accompanied Sherry on many walks and pet sits over the years.  She recently added wild birds to her animal interests.  She is graduating with a fine arts degree in ceramics in 2020, and works in fine art framing and conservation. 


Tod is Sherry’s husband and “silent” partner in Pet Partners.  He is a lifelong animal lover, having grown up with and owned dogs most of his life.  Although his ‘day job’ at IBM keeps him busy, he is a conscientious and able assistant when emergency requires.  When not working or playing with dogs, Tod is often found at ice rinks.  He plays in a recreational ice hockey league, takes classes and loves to ice skate to improve his game.

happy animals

I can relax when my dog is being cared for by Pet Partners. I know that he is in a safe, fun and stimulating environment where he receives love and good care.


Sherry and her Pet Partners’ walkers are more than partners.  They really are my Irish Setter’s friends.  He looks forward to his strolls and from the time he was a pup,  Sherry and her walkers have been true partners with me in raising Joe to be a friendly and well-mannered (not genteel, after all he is Irish) dog.