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Dog Walking

Forget the image of a dog walker with a pack of dogs pulling in different directions!  We walk only one family’s dogs at a time so we can give your dog personal attention.  It’s their time for stretching their legs, working up a pant, sniffing the latest news, and indulging in belly rubs.  By the time we are back from a walk, your dog is tired, happy and content.

Then, we fill the water bowl with fresh, cool water.  With your permission, we will indulge your pup with a treat or two, or perhaps give them a kong with a few bits of treats or peanut butter to keep them busy working on that until you get home.

By being exposed to different walkers, your dog gets accustomed to interacting with and being handled by other friendly humans.  Your dog becomes more adjusted, more social, more relaxed and a lot happier. It’s the next best thing to you being home.  You can just see how happy your dog will be and it leaves you able to work, shop, dine, take a class – guilt-free!

Minx playing on the floor with a friend after dog walk

About our walks

happy animals

I can relax when my dog is being cared for by Pet Partners. I know that he is in a safe, fun and stimulating environment where he receives love and good care.


Pet Partners is much more than a dog walking service — they help make our lives run smoothly. We have two large dogs, a toddler and busy jobs and Sherry and her team are always ready to provide an extra walk when needed. If you have dogs and a demanding schedule, you really need to add Sherry to your team!